Kingdom Hearts III Modder Makes Sadge-Worthy Hud Icon of Ex-Girlfriend [It’s Satire]

Modding in video games can take various forms, from being thought-provokingly implemented to…questionable. A recent mod for the PC version of Kingdom Hearts III fits the latter as it has been making waves throughout the community. This mod consists of the creator replacing Sora’s HUD icon with a bitmoji representation of their ex-girlfriend. Yes, you read that correctly.

Well, it’s actually satire, but it still made our team laugh far more than it really should have. One of the most noteworthy lines of humor in this mod’s description is, “This mod will replace Sora’s Hud icons with my Ex’s bitmoji. She’s constantly grinning even when taking damage to symbolize that she feels no remorse for when she cheated on me.”

We would not have posted this if the creator did not specify it as satire, so we can all laugh in good fun and relish in the fact that the Kingdom Hearts games on PC can be granted mods implementing game-changing mechanics, and amusing ones like this. Gamers are a diverse breed of people after all.

The full mod description reads:

Alone in the crib wondering why she is playing Fall Guys without me man. I just want to talk to her and revive this toxic relationship but she doesn’t want to even reply to my messages any more because the football player slid into her dms man. So I can see her in my favorite game Kingdom Hearts 3 maybe it will be a sign that she’s still with me in some way even though she keeps playing Fall Guys with another man while I’m at the club. Lol. Perhaps you can also relate to these icons and it’ll ReMind you of your own GF. Lol.

You can view and install the mod on Nexus Mods if you feel so inclined. I promise that there are worthwhile Kingdom Hearts III mods checking out too though. It is worth exploring the site to see the hundreds of creations fans have invested their time into.

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