Kingdom Hearts III Manga Volume 2 Releasing in March 2022 by Yen Press

The ongoing Kingdom Hearts III manga will receive its second volume release for western readers next year, on March 2022, by Yen Press. Illustrated by Shiro Amano, these manga chapters provide a different and unique avenue for fans to experience the story.

The Kingdom Hearts series has actually had several manga adaptions, though their contained material does differ from the games in some regards. A few of the games have not received manga adaptions, though, including Birth by Sleep, Dream Drop Distance, and Re:coded. The events of 0.2 are told in the Kingdom Hearts III manga, though, likely because that brief game is essentially the prologue of Kingdom Hearts III.

Still, even with the manga skipping some games, the light novel adaptions have not. Each title has received light novel adaptions, up to the latest Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC. Unfortunately, the events of Unchained Chi and Union Cross have not been entirely told in the novels yet, let alone the manga. And Dark Road is, well, simply not complete yet. The final chapters of that mobile game are supposed to release sometime in late September, aka now, but there has been no transparency from Square Enix on whether this update will occur now or it is delayed. I’m betting on the latter, but I’m hoping to be wrong.

Anyway, Volume 2 of the Kingdom Hearts III manga can be pre-ordered on Amazon for $13 ahead of its March 22, 2022 release. Unfortunately, other retailers have not yet listed it.

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