Kingdom Hearts III: Light vs Darkness Is An Astoundingly Ambitious Fan Mod You Need To See To Believe

Kingdom Hearts III: Light vs Darkness Is An Astoundingly Ambitious Fan Mod You Need To See To Believe

During the currently ongoing Kingdom Hearts fan-led community event, March Caprice 2.0, a monumental fan mod for the PC version of Kingdom Hearts III was showcased, titled “Kingdom Hearts III: Light vs Darkness.” This mod is genuinely jaw-dropping, providing an endless sea of gameplay inclusions, musical alterations, and visual changes.

Part of this mod’s goal is to give Kingdom Hearts III an inherently different ambiance, with, as they put it, coat the worlds in colorations more akin to the Dark World in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-. Besides this newly unveiled presentation, additional musical tracks were incorporated to fit these freshly created atmospheres better. An impressive degree of testing was performed to ensure these implementations were cohesive and fitting.

Gameplay-wise, there’s legitimately too much for me to list. Players can look forward to the Mystic, Guardian, and Warrior paths instilling more apparent combative changes that require more conscious thought. Further, brand new abilities, equipment mechanics, and more, allow greater player agency for more involved playthroughs. Enemies have also been significantly altered, with different animations and knockback being a few mentioned facets.

Suppose the sheer premise of this mod has intrigued you. In that case, I highly recommend giving the team’s full 30-minute March Caprice presentation a watch since it intricately describes the numerous feats being achieved. The fact that this mod is releasing tomorrow excites me, and I’ll definitely be trying it out.

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