Kingdom Hearts III Kairi Nendoroid Can Hold Sora’s Hand

Good Smile has been releasing several Nendoroids of characters from the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The Nendoroids now available for pre-order are Sora, Riku, Roxas, Axel, and now the newly revealed Kairi.

This Nendoroid of Kairi is of her Kingdom Hearts III attire, and she comes with many accessories and facial expressions that serve to make her easily diverse in customization. In addition to having her Destiny’s Embrace Keyblade, a Paopu fruit, and a stick of Sea-Salt ice cream, Kairi also comes with a special attachable hand that is specifically made to hand-hold with the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III Nendoroid version of Sora.

This is easily the cutest addition to a pair of Nendoroids that I have seen and is alone making me consider purchasing these 2 products. Square Enix has got a tight grip on my wallet.

Sora Kairi Nendoroid

You can take a look at the US store page for the Kingdom Hearts III Kairi Nendoroid here. There is also a confirmed Aqua Nendoroid that is the last of the Kingdom Hearts batch to have not been officially unveiled on her own yet, so fans of her may want to be on the lookout. Now, an Anti-Aqua Nendoroid would certainly be another great addition…


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