Kingdom Hearts III Free Update Release Schedule Unveiled

The Kingdom Hearts official Twitter account has posted the upcoming update schedule for Kingdom Hearts III. This is a follow up to the announcement late last year that the game’s epilogue and secret movie would be released at a later date. The Twitter thread, as seen below, discloses when these pieces will be added.

A breakdown of the twitter thread is as follows.

January 29th (launch day):

• Update 1.01 is released, which includes several data fixes.
• Memory Archive option is added to the title screen. This option will be a collection of videos that serve as a recap for Kingdom Hearts as a whole.

January 30th:

• The Epilogue is added via an online update. Players need to complete the game and see the ending to watch the epilogue.

January 31st:

• A Secret Ending video is added via online update. Players will need to have fulfilled ‘certain criteria’ to view the video.  Akin to ‘Another Side, Another Story’ from Kingdom Hearts 1, this video will require you to have beaten the game, likely on Proud or Critical and maybe kill a superboss or two before you can watch it.

Kingdom Hearts III will be released on January 29th in the US and Europe for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Watch this space for more news. You know there’s gonna be another trailer.

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