Kingdom Hearts III Fan Uncovers Yozora Combat Secrets, Unused Attacks & Furthered Noctis Connection

Kingdom Hearts III modder TruebladeSeeker recently unveiled a plethora of secrets concerning the enigmatic Yozora within the game’s code. Firstly, the exact names of some of his attacks have been identified.

For instance, the move where he temporarily steals Sora’s Keyblade is called Heart Break, while the energy beam attack he does that steals Sora’s health, items, and Kupo Coin is called Energy Break. Another maneuver, where Yozora dashes toward Sora with gun in hand, is called Time Break. Also of note is that his Desperation Move, his ultimate attack that usually triggers halfway through the battle or at the very start in rare instances, is called High Voltage.

Adding to the trivia, Yozora once had the capability to cast Firaga during instances where he has stolen Yozora’s Keyblade. This, for unknown reasons, went unused since, in the final game, he can only cast Waterga.

One of my favorite finds is an utterly unused attack called Shift Break, the Japanese equivalent to Noctis’ Warp Strike from Final Fantasy XV. TruebladeSeeker impressively managed to recover the animation partially, showing Yozora throwing his blade, which is what Noctis would do before triggering his iteration of the ability.

Further, TruebladeSeeker also uncovered what Yozora’s Firaga would have looked like, comprising surprising effects akin to landmines. It reminds me of Crawling Fire from Birth by Sleep.

You can view Yozora’s partially recovered Shift Break below:

You can view Yozora’s partially recovered Firaga below:

You can view additional unused attacks from Yozora below:

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In Kingdom Hearts IV, Sora is in Quadratum with Strelitzia, a prominent character from Kingdom Hearts Union χ. This setting is an afterworld for the two characters following their tragic fates.

Additionally, this new saga has been titled the Lost Master Arc. Further, some combat footage was showcased, with Sora performing Keyblade transformations against a giant entity that seems to be a Heartless? We don’t know for sure.

“The heart resides within the soul, which in turn is guided by fate to its rightful place” is a crucial phrase used at the start of this trailer for the upcoming mainline game.

Kingdom Hearts IV is in development with an unknown release date and unconfirmed platforms.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link will launch for mobile devices via iOS and Android at an unknown time.

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