Monumental Kingdom Hearts III Fan Mod Makes Terra & Lingering Will Fully Playable

Fan mods for Kingdom Hearts III have only been getting heightened in brilliance, with this one, in particular, being one of my favorites. Modder Kurasa25 has made Terra fully playable within the title, adding a custom moveset, new Keyblades, and transformations. Further, Terra can be played as from beginning to end as all of Sora’s animations have been created for him too.

Lingering Will and Terra-Xehanort also appear depending on the world one is visiting. It’s all incredibly impressive work. If you’re interested in trying out this mod for yourself, check it out for yourself on Nexus Mods. Additionally, thanks to Kingdom Hearts content creator TheGamersJoint for highlighting this mod in a recent video, since I somehow entirely missed its existence.

KH3 1 1

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