Spectacular Kingdom Hearts III Fan Coliseum Mod Now Available

Spectacular Kingdom Hearts III Fan Coliseum Mod Now Available

Adding on to the impressive feats the Kingdom Hearts community has been achieving, modder Aproydtix has made a Coliseum mod for Kingdom Hearts III, adding an absurd degree of new content, all listed below:

  • New Area – The Coliseum has been added to the Realm of Gods overworld, featuring an area name and custom mini-map.
  • New NPCs – Meg, Phil, and Pegasus are here to help you out.
  • Cups, Old, and New – Recreated cups from KH1 and KH2, as well as new ones!
  • Scoring System – You gain score from defeating enemies. You gain more the faster you defeat them and the higher your health percentage.
  • Coliseum Menu – Talk to Phil, and a menu with loads of cups becomes available.
    • Press F, Triangle, etc. on the Series Menu to open Settings. Here you can change your settings and delete your progress.
    • Crowd Density – The amount of people in the audience.
    • Unlock Everything – Gives access to all cups and matches regardless of progress.
    • No Restrictions – Disables restrictions such as those on Forms and Shotlocks.
    • Japanese Button Layout – Invert your confirm and cancel buttons to match a Japanese layout.
    • Press F, Triangle, etc. on the Cup Menu to activate Hard Mode, similar to Paradox Cups from KH2.
  • Crowd – A Kingdom Hearts first: an actual crowd! The crowd density can be adjusted, and their size and colours are randomized.
  • Progression Gating – Cups are locked off based on your progress in the game. This can be circumvented in the settings.
  • Cup Rewards – Completing a cup for the first time will grant you various rewards.
  • Rulesets – Matches come with a variety of rulesets and restrictions.
  • Dynamic lighting and music – Music and lighting is set on a per match basis, giving a lot of flexibility.
  • Dynamic party – The player and party members are set on a per match basis.

I’ve been following this mod’s progress via content creators’ beta coverage of it, and I’m thrilled to finally see it enter a publically playable state. For installation tips, more notes, bug warnings, and compatibility with other Kingdom Hearts III mods, check out its page on Nexus Mods.

Additionally, the following individuals are also credited with varying contributions:

  • Joseph – TresGame
  • Jeff – Testing and feedback
  • Accel – Testing and feedback
  • YuriLewd – Code help
  • CriticPerfect – Code help
  • Jackmoonward – Code help
  • ToxicTalus – Menu art assets
  • Nokuto – KH2 voice line extraction
  • CalebSmores – 3D doodads, plaque, and trophies
  • hamb0ng – Sephiroth animations and rigging
  • Sabertooth – AI help, Dark Baymax
  • Octodad – KH2 logo help

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