Kingdom Hearts III ‘Final Battle Trailer’ Teases Us With a Tantalizing Conclusion

Square Enix has released what Kingdom Hearts director, Tetsuya Nomura has called, their final 2018 trailer, for the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III.

Most people won’t want to be spoiled on the new content so we’re going to link the trailer below if you haven’t seen ‘The Final Battle’ trailer already. You can read further below for our recap.

This trailer, in particular, shows off a lot of story elements, characters from days long past old making dramatic reappearances and raising thousands of new questions. Is Roxas a member of the new organization? What’s Isa’s deal? What’s the deal with the Riku fight with Ansem watching? And what will happen during the fated final battle? The trailer’s stinger shows off a new world previously seen in concept art titled cable town. Xehanort’s line within this world, ‘In Scala ad Caelum’ translates to ‘In the Stairway to Heaven’ which may or may not give away what this world is.

New features can also be spotting including a dancing minigame in the Tangled world, Stitch being summoned through a ‘link’ summon and the ability to play as Riku at some point in the game. The new opening song, Face my Fears, a collaboration between singer-songwriter Hikari Utada and artist Skrillex will be available for purchase on January 18, 2019.

Kingdom Hearts III continues the story of Sora, Donald, and Goofy as they unlock the power of the keyblade and search for their lost allies. The story includes many new words, including worlds from Disney’s Big Hero 6, Tangled, and totally revamped previous worlds like the One Hundred Acre Wood which have all received relatively recent trailers.

Kingdom Hearts 3 releases in North America on January 29, 2019, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Keep your eyes peeled for more content as we follow this news closely. You know Nomura is going to release trailer another in 2019.

Author’s Note: You can’t hear me but I’m screaming. I’M SO EXCITED! THIS STUFF IS CRAZY! So many questions, so little time. Square Enix has got me at the scruff of the neck and they’re demanding my money.

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