Celebrating Kingdom Hearts III’s 13th Clash; A Legendary Fan-Made Tribute Video

Celebrating Kingdom Hearts III’s 13th Clash; A Legendary Fan-Made Tribute Video

With it being Kingdom Hearts’ 20-year anniversary, fans worldwide are reflecting on their history with the series in their own ways. Some are providing personal anecdotes; others are initiating drama on Twitter. All in all, it’s been a vocal year.

However, I want to highlight one particular piece of media since today marks its own 1-year anniversary. That is “The 13th Clash —KH3 Ver.— Real Organization XIII Montage” by Kingdom Hearts community member Everglow. For those unaware, Everglow has been a central pillar of the Kingdom Hearts community for a considerable amount of time. He made the extensive and impressive Kingdom Hearts timeline project, a video series chronologically adapting all of the revealed events throughout the franchise.

More nostalgically, he also constructed two videos dubbed “The 13th Clash”, one for Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and another for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind. The former is a legendary video in the community, amassing over 1 million views since its initial publishing in 2013. Moreover, it highlights and celebrates the Data Organization battles, a genuinely hallmark incorporation of that title.

Then, last year, Everglow made a 13th Clash version for Kingdom Hearts III’s Limit Cut Data battles, boasting an absurd degree of stellar editing. In addition to clever musical timing, mods include other playable characters, and it’s quite honestly an astounding and majestic sight. Oftentimes, I think back on this video and how it manages to summate my cathartic emotion felt during these fights.

You can view The 13th Clash —KH3 Ver.— Real Organization XIII Montage by Everglow below:

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