Kingdom Hearts II Nintendo Switch Glitch Defeats Bosses With Infinitely Useable Ability

Kingdom Hearts content creator Ninten has discovered a rather alarming glitch present in the Nintendo Switch Cloud port of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix that essentially leads to all types of boss battles being rendered moot. This glitch utilizes the Trinity limit command, a useable skill with either Sora by his lonesome or with Donald and Goofy. The glitch necessitates the latter variant.

Trinity is a skill that has three primary button avenues, two of which are solely meant to amass a large hit count. Then, once the limit is manually concluded, a massive ray of light encompasses the screen, with dealt damage being based on how high the hit counter was. However, for the Switch port, the ‘X’ button from the PlayStation controls was remapped to ‘A’ on the Switch, making it so the limit can go on forever due to an oversight, thereby amassing infinite hits.

It’s a bit difficult to explain, so I’ll link Ninten’s explanation of the glitch via his glitch below:

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