Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Fan Launches Devil May Cry-Inspired Mod, Project Nobody May Cry

A new Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix mod long in the making has been finally released, titled Project Nobody May Cry. This mod features substantial gameplay alterations and difficulty more catered toward those who have an extensive history with Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.

Alongside fully playing as Roxas throughout the entirety of the title with new abilities, Drive Forms, and enhanced movement capabilities, the Devil May Cry style system has been implemented. The Attack option in the command menu will depict rankings akin to the inspired series depending on combat performance. These rankings are listed below:

  • Crazy!
  • Blast!
  • Awesome!
  • Sweet!!
  • SShowtime!!
  • SSStylish!!

Further, the mod has several new custom fights, and Atlantica has been replaced with Traverse Town from the original Kingdom Hearts, comprised of its own collectibles and combat missions.

I recently played through the mod myself, and it’s genuinely brilliant. I highly recommend it to those seeking a far faster-paced Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix experience with some unique flair.

The various contributors for Project Nobody May Cry are listed below with their respective channel links.

You can check out future updates and announcements via the project’s Twitter account.

You can view the Alpha Release trailer for Project Nobody May Cry below. The installation files are listed in the video’s description.

The installation instructions for Project Nobody May Cry are viewable below. It’s worth noting that, of course, no ISO of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix is provided, meaning you must own the PlayStation 2 game to patch it.

Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link will launch for mobile devices via iOS and Android in 2024.

Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link is set after the events of Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] but before the events of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. It was announced alongside Kingdom Hearts IV. The story is seemingly set to follow the original player character from the Chi titles on a mission after the tragedy of Daybreak Town to ultimately script the events of Dark Road.

The game will play out similarly to Pokémon Go, with particular functionality also allowing players to enjoy the game in a stationary fashion.

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Check out our previous coverage for closed beta test information.

Kingdom Hearts IV will launch at an unknown time.

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