The Kingdom Hearts Games on PC Need to be Patched ASAP

While the Kingdom Hearts titles releasing on PC is a colossal step for accessibility and approachability, the majority of these ports are unfortunately rather subpar when it comes to performance and sadly riddled with agitating complications.

The primary dilemma many fans are currently facing is that select games tend to crash frequently and at random. Almost every title in the collections is subject to this issue, but it certainly seems most pronounced in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD.

Speaking from personal experience, I have endured these random crashes across all of the PC titles except for Kingdom Hearts III + Re Mind, which could be the port given the most attention. This version of the game was unexpectedly qualitative, which many fans appreciate, but this attention must also be directed to the collections.

There are dozens of tweets from displeased purchasers expressing their distaste for these crashes, with particular tweets even showcasing their utter randomness.

This mess is slightly reminiscent of when the Kingdom Hearts games first made their way to PlayStation 4. During that period, there was a slew of issues with some that still exist, actually. Let’s all remember Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and the save crash that plagued players. Thankfully, that issue was patched after an overwhelming fan outcry, so hopefully, the same occurs now.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix has easily crashed most frequently for me out of all the titles on PC, and it has gotten to the point where I have been turned off from even playing at all. The dread that I feel when playing, knowing that at any point, there is a relatively high chance of it crashing, ruins any prospective enjoyability I may derive.

Speaking of mishaps with the PC ports, Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory should not be overlooked because it too contains an almost game-ruining issue. For some bizarre reason, the Dualsense, Xbox controllers, and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers have setbacks working on this game natively. There are workarounds to getting some of these controllers to function, such as adding Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory to your Steam library and launching it from there, but that is merely a band-aid fix.

I am thankful to play this PC port with my Dualshock 4, but being restricted to only this controller without the option to switch over to other controllers I own seamlessly is a monumental setback. I can’t imagine the exasperation owners of the aforementioned controllers must feel, having to jump through needless hoops to potentially make the game playable outside of keyboard controls.

Additionally, Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory has other questionable faults, such as select songs containing broken notes that do not match the track’s rhythm whatsoever. This is a carry-over issue from the console versions of the title, but it should not be overlooked.

As it stands, the Kingdom Hearts titles on PC are difficult to recommend to potential players because of these aforementioned quandaries. There are just too many fundamental stumbles and faults with these ports for fans to recommend them to friends in good faith.

I do sincerely hope that Square Enix listens, and they manage to patch these game-ruining troubles, but fans must make their voices heard for that to happen. Without offensively harassing them, if you desire these games to be patched, voice your thoughts on Twitter and other platforms to let Square Enix know that the fanbase knows of and does care about these ports working well.

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