Kingdom Hearts Fans Decode Tetsuya Nomura Anniversary Message

Potentially the wildest development in the history of the Kingdom Hearts has just occurred. In the Kingdom Hearts 20-year anniversary event venue in Japan, there was a message from Nomura thanking fans for their continued support alongside his personal feelings on the series. However, he later revealed that this message had a secret meaning that no one, not even his staff, had decoded.

However, earlier today, Japanese fans cracked the code, resulting in the message saying “The voice’s identity is Sigurd. Pay close attention.” Based on the Q&A session during the event, Nomura stated that the narrator’s voice in the Kingdom Hearts Missing – Link and Kingdom Hearts IV trailers were identical. So, with this, we can conclude that Sigurd, a new character revealed in the final scene of Kingdom Hearts Union χ is the narrator.

As for how this conclusion was reached, our team’s Ryuji provided his own explanation, viewable below:

Nomura’s original message is viewable below:


Tetsuya Nomura is truly unlike any other game developer out there. I’m still recovering from the shock of this development.

Credit to Twitter user @kh_skrvat for informing Ryuji and I of this information.

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