Kingdom Hearts Fan Creates No-Hud Mod For Kingdom Hearts III So We Can Enjoy Climactic Moments in Clearer Glory

Kingdom Hearts modder KH-Vids has recently published a rather useful mod for fans seeking to experience climactic battles in Kingdom Hearts III in greater glory. This mod removes most of the game’s HUD elements so that players can enact story fights without HP bars, attack prompts, and more. Further, each removed component of the HUD is divided into separate files so players can choose which facets to include or exclude.

I literally just played through the entirety of the Re Mind episode with this mod enabled and captured several screenshots because being able to view certain battle spectacles with no intrusions is genuinely spectacular. For example, the fights at the end of the Re Mind story episode, such as the Guardians facing off against the Replicas, and Sora and Kairi battling Xehanort, have unique scenes and commands that emit stellar visual flair.

You can download the No HUD mod for Kingdom Hearts III via Nexus Mods.

Additionally, you can view the tweet from KH-Vids announcing this mod’s public access below:

This same modder recently upscaled the opening movie of Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage to 4K via machine learning, making it even more of a masterful sequence than before.

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