Kingdom Hearts Fan Beats Game on Proud Mode with a Guitar

The Kingdom Hearts series boasts no shortage of challenge runs, with the most popular being Level 1 playthroughs. However, some runs are certainly more unconventionally creative, and franchise fan xllyria has recently performed a playthrough fitting into that general category. They have beaten Kingdom Hearts Final Mix on Proud Mode, the highest difficulty, with a guitar.

To say such a feat is extraordinary would be underselling it, as in a way loosely similar to the fan who beat the game on a Dance Pad, requires an inherently altered approach to utilizing even the most basic actions. Further, the fact that this was done on Proud Mode is indescribably impressive enough on its own.

You can view the VOD of xllyria achieving this feat via their Twitch channel. The previous VODs of this series are also available there.

Their tweet showcasing the moment of victory is viewable below:

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I beat every Kingdom Hearts III Limit Cut Data Fight and Yozora on Critical Mode via the Nintendo Switch Cloud port.

In Kingdom Hearts IV, Sora is in Quadratum with Strelitzia, a prominent character from Kingdom Hearts Union χ. This setting is an afterworld for the two characters following their tragic fates. Additionally, this new saga has been titled the Lost Master Arc. Further, some combat footage was showcased, with Sora performing Keyblade transformations against a giant entity that seems to be a Heartless? We don’t know for sure.

“The heart resides within the soul, which in turn is guided by fate to its rightful place” is a crucial phrase used at the start of this trailer for the upcoming mainline game.

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