The High Price of the Kingdom Hearts Series on Epic Games Store is Unacceptable

The recent announcement of all of the console Kingdom Hearts titles making their way to PC was an out of nowhere bombshell that I’m fairly certain no one even remotely expected. This shock is only further pronounced when taking Tetsuya Nomura’s statement into consideration of the series taking a break this year as well.

Now, I know the games making their way to PC via the Epic Games Store specifically is far from ideal for a good chunk of prospective fans and diehard ones. However, being on PC at all is incredible enough, and as someone who has no experience with the Epic Games Store, I can’t pretend to feel disappointment regarding this platform of choice.

This news is not as unprecedented as some people were making it out to be, too, as it was revealed that Epic Games assisted Square Enix with developing Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. This decision, while not preferable for many, is not out of nowhere and has understandable precedence.

There is one rather massive crowd of elephants in the room, though, that being the prices for each of these titles.

If you add up all of these prices, you get an astounding overall price point of around $230. Now, I’ll be honest here, even as a diehard Kingdom Hearts fan myself, there is no way in hell I can ever justify spending $230 on these games to anybody.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is a relatively new title so that being full price makes sense, and Kingdom Hearts III + Re Mind includes the DLC, which is ordinarily $30, so that price point is also fair. However, the other two titles are nowhere near worth their respective prices, given how long they have been released.

What makes this baffling is that these games are regularly on sale on consoles. There is even an All-in-One package that includes every title minus the recent Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. In an even funnier twist, that very same package is currently on sale on PlayStation 4 for the astonishingly low price point of $24.99.

For any PC-only players looking to get into the series, they have to chalk up over $200 to play every title that the consoles have had for years, save for Melody of Memory, of course.

What gets me here is that it would make far more sense to have an All-in-One Package on PC to coerce consumers more effectively to purchase these games. These titles’ prices reflecting their initial launch prices make little sense and detract potentially interested buyers from getting into the series. There is always the valid possibility that these games will be on sale shortly after release, but it still baffles me to have these current prices for pre-orders.

I’m talking in circles here, but my point still stands. While Kingdom Hearts making its way to PC is a massive step in the right direction for accessibility and overall outreach for the series, the prices here make getting any PC players into these games a sheer impossibility.

Here’s hoping they go on sale soon after release because I sincerely doubt there will be many day-one buyers eager to collectively spend over a fifth of a grand on these now oldish games.

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