Kingdom Hearts Content Creator Plays Through Kingdom Hearts Final Mix With His Feet; No, There’s No Feet Cam Ya Pervs

The numerous creative ways in which one can choose to play their favorite video games are profoundly astounding. Aside from the challenge runs consisting of in-game restrictions or the like, players can also challenge themselves in less conventional and…more real-life hindering methods.

A rising star in the Kingdom Hearts community known as Regular Pat, popularized by his compelling video essays and analyses of the series’ facets most would likely never remotely think about, recently performed a rather bizarre ‘feat’ on his Twitch channel; playing through the entirety of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix’s story with his feet.

Of course, there was thankfully no dedicated feet camera present. Still, when watching this arduous task, it becomes abundantly clear that he is in no way lying about this self-imposed mission. Regular Pat’s favorite video game of all time is the first Kingdom Hearts, though, so if there’s anyone passionate enough about succeeding here, he would be the most likely candidate. Even as a hardcore fan of the series, this is a ‘step’ too far for the likes of me to ever attempt.

This challenge run occurred over the duration of several streams, but there is a Youtube video compiling all of the notable moments any curious onlooker would be amused and entertained by.

You can view this trip of a video covering the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix feet challenge run below:

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