Kingdom Hearts Content Creator Beats Kingdom Hearts Final Mix on Proud Mode With 1 HP

Kingdom Hearts content creator, Ninten, has recently played through Kingdom Hearts Final Mix on Proud Mode with just 1 HP. Of course, having just 1 health point throughout the entire duration of the adventure simply isn’t possible, so modding was utilized to make this feat feasible.

Some intrigued parties may ask why playing on Level 1 wasn’t implemented as an added restriction via the EXP Zero ability. Well, as Ninten explains in the video himself, the game actually grants the player a variety of buffs when EXP Zero is active, with the most notable preventing the player from being one-shot, thereby making the whole 1 HP point moot. As a result, this playthrough was not done on Level 1, and since Ninten lacked the benefits granted by that particular challenge, this 1 HP run was more difficult than expected in certain scenarios.

Ninten frequently streams on his Twitch channel.

You can view an edited and digestible video of Ninten’s 1 HP run of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix below:

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix can be seen as the director’s cut version of the original Kingdom Hearts. Initially a Japanese exclusive release for the PlayStation 2, this version of the game eventually made its way to the global market when Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix was released for the PlayStation 3.

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