Official Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Glow-in-the-Dark Clock Plays A Different Song Every Hour

As part of their immense Tokyo Game Show 2022 merchandise lineup, Square Enix revealed several new pieces of Kingdom Hearts items. And the most unique of these products has to be the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Melody Clock.

Not only does it contain a backlight to illuminate itself when its surroundings dim, but it also plays a unique song every hour. However, the tracks will only play while the room has a noticeable amount of light. The backlight will have two selectable brightness levels, while the song volume will be configurable across three levels.

Further, specific batteries will be required for the device, specifically C-sized, alkaline batteries x 4 pcs sold separately, and their expected duration is roughly a year.

The full list of songs this clock is included with is viewable below:

  1. “HIKARI -KINGDOM Tres Orchestra Instrumental Version-“
  2. “Dearly Beloved”
  3. “The Other Promise”
  4. “Vector to the Heavens”
  5. “Passion -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-“
  6. “Lazy Afternoons”
  7. “Hand in Hand”
  8. “Traverse Town”
  9. “CHIKAI -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-“
  10. “Working Together”
  11. “Frozen Wonderland”
  12. “Olympus Coliseum -The Shining Summit-“

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More granular details regarding the Melody Clock are listed below:

Clock specifications:

  • Time accuracy: Average discrepancy ±20 seconds per month *When temperature is between 41 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (between 5 to 35 degrees Celsius)
  • Recommended temperature: Between 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 to +50 degrees Celsius)
    • Avoid condensation or moisture
  • Auto backlight: Will illuminate the illustrated clock face when light sensor deems the room is too dark
  • Light source: White-colored LED

Clock Size: (inches)
Approximately 11.02” diameter x 2.44″ depth

Polystyrene (frame), glass, PC & PP (illustrated clock face), aluminum (clock hands)

Fans can currently pre-order this clock via Square Enix’s North American storefront for $147.99, with an expected shipment window of September 2023.

You can view officially provided images of this upcoming item via our gallery below:

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In Kingdom Hearts IV, Sora is in Quadratum with Strelitzia, a prominent character from Kingdom Hearts Union χ. This setting is an afterworld for the two characters following their tragic fates. Additionally, this new saga has been titled the Lost Master Arc. Further, some combat footage was showcased, with Sora performing Keyblade transformations against a giant entity that seems to be a Heartless? We don’t know for sure.

“The heart resides within the soul, which in turn is guided by fate to its rightful place” is a crucial phrase used at the start of this trailer for the upcoming mainline game.

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