Kick Back This Weekend and Watch the Unexpectedly Captivating Square Enix Jazz Live Painting Event

Square Enix hosted its own dedicated live stream on day 2 of the currently ongoing Tokyo Game Show 2021. During roughly the first half of this stream, some Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin development team members discussed the gameplay changes made to the title following demo feedback. Plus, a multiplayer presentation during the second-timed demo also took place.

Additionally, however, the second half of this Square Enix contained an underappreciated segment of TGS 2021, at least I believe it was, regarding the lack of acknowledgment for it I’ve seen around. This segment was the Square Enix Jazz Live Painting event.

While artist NOVOL painted his heart out, a specialized Jazz band performed their own hearts out, which was unexpectedly captivating. I didn’t think viewing the painting process with a band playing nearby would be so inviting, but it was. The provided atmosphere was quaint and calming. Even though some heavy hitters played from iconic Final Fantasy games, the entire experience was generally relaxing.

The band, which is currently in its fifth year of performing, consists of the following members:

  • Saxophone: Masato Honda
  • Trombone: Fijiro Nakagawa
  • Guitar: Naoto Suzuki
  • Piano: Takana Miyomoto
  • Drums: Ken Higeshiro
  • Bass: Ryu Kawamura

I recommend giving this segment of the Square Enix stream a listen if you have the time because it was genuinely pleasing, both visually and auditorially.

You can view the stream where the Square Enix Jazz Live Painting occurred below. It took place from 1:15:00 to 2:11:05.

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