KFC Japan Teases Final Fantasy XIV Collab for October 2023, We Think

KFC has never been shy about doing collaborations with different franchises. Most recently, KFC had collaborated with Diablo IV, offering in-game loot in exchange for purchasing a chicken sandwich online or with fashion brands to sell clothing plastered with the Colonel’s face.

So, it shouldn’t surprise anybody that a new collaboration was announced on the Japanese KFC Twitter account. However, this announcement was suitably vague, showing only a silhouette of a Chocobo and Moogle and a date of October 4, 2023. These two characters are very popular mascot characters for the Final Fantasy series.

The most probable collaboration would be with Final Fantasy XIV. The famous restaurant has collaborated with Final Fantasy XIV, challenging players to a KFC food raid boss. This campaign was only in China but had players eating a meal fit for four players by themselves to obtain a Black Fat Chocobo mount.

Given the visual clues, with the silhouettes resembling the Final Fantasy XIV versions of Alpha and a Moogle, it’s highly likely that this new collaboration in Japan will revolve around the game. While no additional details have been officially released, the date’s proximity suggests that fans can anticipate the unveiling of a new Savage-tier KFC meal soon.

You can check out the announcement tweet below.

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