Key Visual Novel ‘Rewrite+’ Updated on Steam; Subtitled Movies, New Credits, New Vocal Songs, Steam Deck Verified & More

Publisher Sekai Project recently launched a major update for the Key-developed visual novel, Rewrite+, on PC via Steam. All of these following improvements and additions primarily apply to the game’s “Default” Steam branch.

Firstly, global save progress, meaning route completion, achievements, and memories, should be compatible across Steam branch versions. Further, saves made from now on in the “Default” branch should function without issue. Steam achievements have also been added to the title, with retroactive unlocks implemented for players who have progressed through the title.

The openings, endings, and the special Yoshino occurrence have been subtitled alongside route endings that previously lacked this implementation.

Three new ending credits have been added, thanking those who have worked on this visual novel’s localization and Kickstarter backers of the $50 tier and above. Moreover, accompanying these new credits are three songs Rewrite fans will recognize, all fully subtitled and added to the Music Gallery at the end of the “various routes after their original ending sequences.”

Rewrite+ is now fully Steam Deck verified, with a recommended controller configuration.

More additions and changes are listed and quoted below:

  • A new QoL function, “Resume”, has been added to the game. Players who have played Summer Pockets on Steam will know this as the “Continue” function in that game.
  • Upon quitting the game via the “Quit” button in the textbox, the “Close game” button in the Save, Load, etc. menus, or the Close button of the game’s window, a save will be automatically created at the point where you quit the game. Clicking the “Resume” button will load this automatically created save.
  • The “Advanced settings” button under Volume as well as the “Video settings” button under Other settings have both been removed with the video playback change. All videos now play back at the BGM’s volume.
  • If the original videos are copied into the game’s folder, these buttons will be enabled and their settings can be changed as necessary. Note that this applies only to Windows and not Proton.
  • Swiping from down to up on the game’s window on a touch screen now brings up the text backlog.
  • Swiping horizontally now brings up the pause (right-click) menu. At this time, only “Quick Menu B” (selectable in the Config menu) supports touch.
  • The translation has been revised (over 1500 changes have been made throughout the game since our last update).
  • Several CGs with text have been translated.

Lastly, Steam Trading Cards and Community Items are stated to still be in the works.

If you’re curious about the full list of extensive updates made via this game’s latest patch, check out the new blog post accessible from the Steam store page.


If you missed it, check out our review of Rewrite+’s initial launch state on PC via Steam.

Rewrite+ was successfully crowdfunded last year to bring the title west. The campaign was created to bring Rewrite+ and Rewrite Harvest Festa! to western fans and pay the high cost of voice audio licensing fees.

Rewrite+ and Rewrite Harvest Festa! is set in Kazamatsuri, where Tennoji Kotarou spends his day with his close group of friends. Once a year, an event shakes the foundations of this small town. Known as the harvest festival, Kotarous collects information about creatures and the occult. Strange things happen all around him, and Kotarou does what he can to find the “truth” that no one else has discovered.

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