Katawa Shoujo Now Free On PC Via JAST Store For 10-Year Anniversary; Bonus Content Included

Publisher JAST USA has announced that the classic Four Leaf Studios’ developed visual novel, Katawa Shoujo, has been made free on their platform to celebrate the title’s 10-year anniversary. The reasoning for this lack of pricing aside from celebratory purposes is that the publisher desires to preserve this historical visual novel for future generations.

Further, bonus content with the game is included, such as art books, wallpapers, and the soundtrack. Prospective players can freely download Katawa Shoujo via the JAST store now.

In Katawa Shoujo, protagonist Nakai Hisao enrolls at a unique academy called Yamaku due to the recent discovery of a severe medical condition he possesses. Dubbed arrhythmia, Hisao’s heartbeat occasionally beats at irregular intervals, forever changing his formerly normal life. Yamaku is a unique educational institution due to it specifically being for those who suffer from physical disabilities.

Players can look forward to experiencing 5 heartwrenching routes, each honing in on a particular heroine. For those unaware of Katawa Shoujo’s legacy, it is an absolute must-play visual novel experience that has defined the medium for many. It’s an emotional journey that any even remotely invested in visual novels should give a shot. And well, it’s free now, so no one has any excuse to avoid it.

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