Visual Novel ‘Kanojo no Seiiki’ Coming West, The First of Three Short Games

Denpasoft announced their plans to publish the Feng developed romance visual novel Kanojo no Seiiki in the west on PC. While the publisher didn’t give a firm release date of the title, they did include a little bit about what players can expect.

Kanojo no Seiiki is the first three short visual novels that focus on the main protagonist, Nase Youhei, and his childhood friend Fuyuka Akiyoshi. During the story, Fuyuka is a part of a rich family and brought up to be neat and perfect, which gives her plenty of attention and makes her more of a class idol at school. Even so, boys find it difficult to get close to her, including Nase. Over time, the two grew apart and moved to different schools.

That is until one day while in Akihabara, he was mistaken for a train molester and the victim just so happened to be Fuyuka. You can expect that the story becomes one of reunion, but in order to forgive him for this, he’ll need to become her butler.  Didn’t expect that now did you?

You can check out some screenshots below to get a better idea about the art and characters featured in the upcoming game:

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