Kagura Games Releases Free-to-Play Action Title ‘Kagura Survivors: Endless Night’ Staring Their Mascot, Kagura-chan

Kagura Games has decided to put the spotlight on their mascot, Kagura-chan, with her very own game, Kagura Survivors: Endless Night.

Co-developed with Big Bang Studio, Kagura Survivors: Endless Night is a free-to-play action game available now on Steam and Kagura Store. However, the Steam version is listed as Eary Access, to which the team plans to continue to develop the title and add new stages and story elements.

Currently, players can experience:

  • 3 Unique Stage
  • 15 Different Enemy Types
  • Unique Enemy Grouping Patterns
  • Bosses with Unique Abilities
  • Skill-Based Difficulty and Reward Scaling
  • 19 different Spells and Abilities
  • 33 Class-based Modifiers
  • Shop Upgrade System
  • Skill-Based Outfit Upgrade System
  • Leaderboards

Kagura Survivors: Endless Night is set in the Kaguraverse. However, a strange tear in space-time has caused parallel worlds to converge. Now, it’s up to Kagura-chan to fight back against this chaos and save the world.

Gameplay has Kagura-chan wielding a sword and cutting through hordes of enemies. Throughout the game, she’ll travel to new areas, but her level will reset to level 1. It’s a straightforward action game, but players can customize the action with modifiers and abilities.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with future titles from this developer.

You can watch the trailer below:

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