Just Cause 4 Gets a New Over-The-Top Cinematic Trailer

All Just Cause games have one thing in common: over-the-top madness and destruction. As is tradition, Avalanche Studio’s next open world game, Just Cause 4 seems to be a loyal follow-up to its predecessors — especially with the latest Just Cause 4 trailer that was shown at Microsoft’s X018 event. The trailer shows the daredevil rogue agent, Rico Rodriguez, not only battling against tough enemies but also a slew of dangerous weather elements like a devastating hurricane.

In addition to Rico pulling off some sweet stunts, the trailer also reveals new weapons and gear in his arsenal. Fans of the previous games will be happy to know that Rico will be returning in Just Cause 4 with his trademark parachute, wingsuit, and of course, his grapple hook — which will be enhanced with new functionality and it’ll be fully customizable making it the most versatile tool Rico has ever had. With the new hostile weather mechanic in Just Cause 4, however, you’ll need to be ready for anything — and flying around might not be the best idea when there’s a tornado coming your way.

Just Cause 4 will have you take on the role of Rico as he heads to Solis to learn more about his father’s death. In the process of doing so, you’ll battle the Black Hand militia that’s led by Gabriela, a ruthless and fearless leader.

Get a look at Rico’s next wild adventure in the high-octane CGI trailer for Just Cause 4 below:

The title track in the trailer, ‘I’m Just (Remix)’ by Artizan, is one of four tracks created for Just Cause 4, and the full Just Cause 4 album is releasing on the same day as the game’s release. There’ll also be an extremely limited edition colored vinyl too, for you hardcore audiophiles out there. For those that simply want to jam out to some digital tunes, you can download ‘I’m Just (Remix)’ and the other Just Cause 4 Artizan tracks now.

Just Cause 4 is launching on December 4 on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. It’s getting published by Square Enix. 

Author’s Take: Just Cause 4 looks like it’s a massive upgrade from Just Cause 3. I haven’t dived into the series all that much, but I’m definitely considering giving Just Cause 4 a whirl.

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