Junji Ito Visits Bokeh Game Studio; 30-Minute Discussion

Junji Ito Visits Bokeh Game Studio; 30-Minute Discussion

Developer Bokeh Game Studio has uploaded a new video featuring Junji Ito, a prominent figure in the horror world known for manga like Tomie and Uzumaki.

Throughout this roughly 30-minute video part of the studio’s Golden Hour segment, Ito reflects on his inspirations while discussing his views on horror and the manga medium as a whole. Several of his works are specifically brought up and analyzed, too. Certain facets of symbolism and character intentions are talked about, highlighting Ito’s creative goals.

You can view the full Bokeh Game Studio featuring Junji Ito below. English closed captions are available.

Check out our extensive coverage of the studio’s upcoming game Slitterhead.

Keiichiro Toyama, the director for the original Silent Hill and Siren, founded Bokeh Game Studio and previously announced the newest horror game they are working on, Slitterhead. The game will feature music from Akira Yamaoko, who composed the soundtrack for multiple Silent Hill titles.

There’s currently no release date for Slitterhead, but we’ll be sure to cover any news surrounding the development of this title. Truthfully, we also don’t know much about the game itself, though when considering the talent behind it, this is undoubtedly an ambitious effort that horror fans will want to keep an eye on.

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