Horror Adventure ‘Juken Jigoku | 受験地獄’ Gets PC Release Date

Horror Adventure ‘Juken Jigoku | 受験地獄’ Gets PC Release Date

Waifu & Husbando Game Systems announced that their horror adventure, Juken Jigoku | 受験地獄, will release on PC-via Steam on January 16.

The game is a short horror experience played in the first person. By short, the developer explains that it can be beaten in around 30-minutes. However, it’s also said that that time can vary. Still, the promise of anxiousness and dread are said to reign true in the halls of the school.

The game follows a student who lost a bet and now has to break into his school to steal test answers. I suppose this isn’t the most straightforward mission to carry out with the creepy things that are popping up in the game’s trailer. The only problem we see is how dark everything is. This might be what the developer means by “immersive.”

The gameplay is played in the first person using exploration as the key motivator to get through the adventure. The game offers several different ending that is based on the player’s action and discoveries during the playthrough.

The developer released a teaser trailer that quickly shows some of the environments, but we are still reasonably confused, given that the game is just so dark. However, the lights and creepy imagery are there and may leave some viewers wanting more.

You can watch the trailer below:

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