Alundra and Dragon Quest V Developer Matrix Software Joins Development on Bestiario

Alundra and Dragon Quest V Developer Matrix Software Joins Development on Bestiario

Developer Wiggin Industries announced that Matrix Software will collaborate with the studio on the development of their JRPG Bestiario. The game is currently on Kickstarter with 22 days to go, but they’ve already surpassed their goal of $50,000.

Matrix Software is known for Alundra, Alundra 2, Brigandine, Final Fantasy III DS, Final Fantasy IV DS, Dragon Quest V, Lost in Blue 2 and 3, and many others. The teams will collaborate on the project, which is inspired by franchises like Persona, Final Fantasy, or Grandia. It aspires to turn the vast compendium of Spanish legends into an immersive world for all kinds of players.

Bestiario takes place in post-pandemic Spain, spanning from Madrid’s Puerta del Sol to the Asturias mountains, where players lead a group of hunters on a mission to counter a supernatural threat. The game delves into Spanish folklore, introducing players to mythical creatures like the ojáncano, a massive cyclops from Cantabrian mythology; the cocollona, a Catalan myth of a sinning nun turned crocodile with butterfly wings; and the Basque deity Mari, among others. This array of beings, including fairies, witches, and unique takes on vampires and werewolves, enriches the game’s universe, offering a rich tapestry of stories and battles set in varied environments, from dungeons to urban landscapes.

Combat in Bestiario is turn-based, requiring players to strategize using their surroundings and abilities to triumph over foes. With mechanics such as combos and interruptions, battles are dynamic and engaging. Beyond combat, the game incorporates a calendar and social simulation system, allowing for a variety of daily activities. Players can undertake side quests, engage in mini-games, and develop relationships with other characters, enhancing the depth of the gameplay. “Bestiario” promises a journey through the unexplored terrains of Spanish mythology, marrying classic JRPG elements with a distinct cultural flair, dubbed the ÑRPG, for a novel gaming experience.

We’ll keep you updated on the development of Bestiario.

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