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    Title: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Part 5: Golden Wind - Volume 2
    Author: Hirohiko Araki
    Release Date: November 2, 2021
    Publisher: Viz Media

Following my review of Volume 1 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Part 5: Golden Wind, I’ve found a new appreciation for this particularly wacky part of one of Japan’s best and weirdest manga. There’s genuinely nothing else like it, and as the series evolves volume-by-volume, it escalates in exciting and, yes, bizarre ways. So if you were interested in Golden Wind after volume one, you’re in for another wild ride this time around.

JoJos Bizarre Adventure Part 5 Golden Wind Volume 2 1

In this volume, Giorno Giovanna finds his way into Passione after the events of volume one. Though there are some growing pains between the members, they quickly come to work with one another as they search for Polpo’s hidden treasure and take on the task of protecting their mysterious boss’s daughter. As fun as the treasure hunting arc is, I’m glad that volume two establishes a clear goal that will last for the rest of this part. It gives the group a more tangible sense of direction, which also explains why so many crazy foes will come after them. This volume also contains the famous torture dance and jellyfish tooth scenes, which must be experienced to be believed. It’s JoJo at its goofiest, and it’s nothing short of wonderful.

The whole team is incredibly likable right from the get-go. Abacchio’s stubborn distrust of Giorno is quite entertaining, as is Fugo and Narancia’s peculiar friendship. The whole crew stands out for their own reasons, and their chemistry is so natural that you really can’t help but like them. They’re the kind of characters that you’ll be happy to follow for the entirety of Golden Wind, if only to see them continue to interact with one another. The enemy Stand users in this volume are a bit on the weaker side, as they aren’t as memorable as some of the minor villains for Stardust Crusaders, but you can’t expect every villain to knock it out of the park.

JoJos Bizarre Adventure Part 5 Golden Wind Volume 2 2

The Stand powers throughout this volume are exceptionally creative, ranging from deflating people to replaying recent events using a Stand’s presence. At times, some of the Stand powers perhaps feel a bit convoluted, but at this point, that’s part of the appeal of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The fights in volume two are relatively easy to follow and novel in their progression. It’s hard to predict how characters like Mista and Abacchio will get out of each brawl alive, but the solutions they come up with are always worth the price of admission. There are so many off-the-wall, ridiculous twists that every fight feels fresh and fun, which is a solid feat in such a long-running shonen series.

As you should expect at this point, the artwork is gorgeous. Despite its incredible detail and style, you never feel over-encumbered by how much is on the page. There are plenty of flashy poses, intricate and beautiful Stand designs, and stand-out scenes throughout this volume, all thanks to Araki’s incredible skill.

JoJos Bizarre Adventure Part 5 Golden Wind Volume 2 3

As with the first volume, there are some small notes from author and illustrator Hirohiko Araki at the end of this book. However, this time, they don’t so much offer insight into his creative process as much as they are amusing stories from his personal life. The fact that such a renowned and famous guy almost drowns whenever he drinks water is strangely relatable and pretty funny.

Volume two of Golden Wind is an excellent continuation of Giorno and co.’s adventure. It introduces likable characters, crazy Stands, and a clear goal for the main characters– all of which will pay off nicely as the series progresses. This is still the best way to read Golden Wind, and I highly recommend that you do so ASAP.


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