Volume Developer Reveals ‘John Wick Hex’ For Consoles and PC

Good Shepherd Entertainment announced they’ll be partnering with Lionsgate to release John Wick Hex developed by Bithell Games for consoles and PC-via Epic Games Store at launch.

John Wick Hex is being developed in close cooperation with the creative and stunt teams behind the John Wick films so that the fight-choreography matches closely to what fans enjoy about the franchise. Players will control every action and attack they make while considering their immediate cost and consequences. During gameplay, every move is made to feel like a scene from the movies and every fight moves the players through the narrative of the game which involves some strategic thinking.

The game features a Story Mode with an original story for the game, with unlockable weapons, suit options, and locations. Each weapon changes the gameplay type and tactics needed to get through an encounter. Also, during the game, ammo is finite and realistically simulated, so reload times must be taken into consideration when approaching an enemy.

The publisher also released the games for trailer showing the art direction and characters as well gameplay. The game seems to borrow a cell shaded look that does make the game look pretty stylish overall.

You can watch the reveal trailer below while we wait for more details:


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