Cloverworks, Wit Studio, Shueisha & Aniplex Combine Forces To Form JOEN; A Brand New Anime Studio

CloverWorks, Wit Studio, Shueisha, and Aniplex have announced that they will be combining their forces and creating JOEN, a brand-new anime studio primarily focused on planning and producing anime series, anime films, and short clips. To clarify, this does not mean that they will be merging into one.

Instead, this means that a new company, combining talents from the aforementioned CloverWorks, Wit Studio, Shueisha, and Aniplex, were taken to form one big company that will work as a subsidiary.

On their official website, available in both Japanese and English, it is mentioned that CloverWorks and Wit Studio will work together to utilize their strengths to the fullest across the entire production process, from the planning stages to the final product.

Furthermore, the company’s creators also intend to use the industry connections provided by both studios to expand their scope and collaborate with various other studios, producers, and creators to build a framework that will allow them to prioritize those involved in the production process.

joei website image1

The company website also states that CloverWorks producer Yūichi Fukushima and Wit Studio producer Tetsuya Nakatake will be named the representative directors of JOEN. According to the directors, JOEN’s objective is to aspire and introduce a brand-new structure for those involved in creating animation.

By creating an environment that allows for the continuous production of high-quality animation, they would like to ensure that studios and creators are rewarded with what they produce, with the slogan “Supporting Creativity, Empowering Creators.”

I am certainly looking forward to seeing what creations will result from this joint venture.

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