Sporty College BL Game ‘Jock Studio’ Launches Kickstarter in July with Demo

BLits Games announced the Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming BL game Jock Studio will launch on July 11, 2023. Besides revealing more detail so people may help with the title’s crowdfunding, they have already confirmed a PC demo (compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux) will be available showcasing the Prologue Arc. It’ll also be available on Steam.

Jock Studio tells the story of a young man called Ace Anderson. As a college freshman at Olympus University, he’s still trying to figure out his goals for life. It definitely doesn’t help that he’s a indecisive, lazy bum who hasn’t even found a club that suits him. However, as he’s still pondering what he can do, he gets to find the secret Jock Studio and become a new member of it.

Basically, this is a club that uses the resources of a former film club to produce spicy films at this all-boys campus that holds some of the best athletic programs in the world. This may be a chance for Ace to get some experience in many aspects of his life.

His potential mates include: the yes-man soccer player, Leo Mendez; the diligent swimmer, Avan Geiserford; the frat boy who loves wrestling, Bryce Callahan; the chaotic volleyball player, Yuuto Nakajima; the popular, charming, and handsome basketball star Zayne Alexander; and the mysterious and imposing quarterback Derek Kingsfield.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the developers share more information on Jock Studio once they launch the Kickstarter campaign. The game’s release window is still unknown.

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