Visual Novel ‘Jiangshi x Daoshi Episode 3 – Lady Hexers’ Gets PC Release Date

Fruitbat Factory announced they will publish the Dendo Denkido-developed animated visual novel Jiangshi x Daoshi Episode 3 – Lady Hexers on PC-via Steam and on November 20.

Jiangshi x Daoshi Episode 3 – Lady Hexers will release as DLC for Jiangshi x Daoshi Episode I – Boy Meets Girl, and Episode II – The Fable of the Fake Elixir of Life which is available for free now. The DLC will cost $9.99 and will be twice the length of both of the previous episodes put together. There will be a Pay What You Want option via the page.

Jiangshi x Daoshi Episode 3 – Lady Hexers continues the adventure of the ex-assassin Luan and Ling Ling. During the story, they encounter the idol Taomi Nyanyan who launches into action which leads to a substantial fight against the two leads. However, there’s also the mystery of who is pulling the strings that they need to worry about.

Jiangshi x Daoshi is set around a story full of Chinese vampires, dao priests, assassins, and immortals. When former assassin Luan is attacked by man-eating creatures, he is saved from certain death by a wandering dao priest, Ling Ling. At that time, neither of them know what tribulations yet await them.

Jiangshi x Daoshi initially released in Japan in 2014 as a 17+ novel. It seems that this release will have an edited version available on Steam, which has contains cut content. There’s a Steam patch available to restore the content from the game’s website and the full version is also available on

In case you missed it, check out our review of the first two episodes of Jiangshi x Daoshi.

You can check out screenshots below:

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