Pixel Shmup ‘Jet Lancer’ Gets New Trailer Confirming Switch Release Date Alongside PC

Armor Games Studios announced that their pixel shmup, Jet Lancer, will launch on Nintendo Switch on May 12, alongside the PC-via Steam Release.

Jet Lancer is an aerial combat shooter where players duel enemy aviators, giant robots, and many other things that shoot at them. Players assume the role of pilot Ash Leguinn, a paid mercenary who’s a flight-school dropout. During the day, Ash flies around and deals with Sky Pirates to make ends meet. However, the real fun comes when he gets to take out various mechanized weapons that gather around Root City.

Gameplay features an easy to learn, but hard to master approach, in hopes to make players feel like an ACE as they dodge and weave through enemy fighters without a scratch. The game also includes a story campaign that follows Ash from aviator to ACE across 30 missions and 11 bosses. Additionally, there’s a New Game+ available with more challenging AI, new attack patterns, and new upgrades available for the Lance.

Jet Lancer allows players to customize their loadout with over 28 different guns, payloads, and flight components. Still, the developers offer an assist mode that features an anti-fatigue mode, adjustable dodge windows, invincibility options, and screen shake removal.

You can check out the new Switch trailer below:


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