JAST USA Classics Launches ‘Transfer Student’ to Play for Free in Browser

JAST USA has continued to update their recently launched JAST USA Classics by launching the JAST developed visual novel Transfer Student on the platform.

The new title added is 1998’s Transfer Student, a story about a dreamer protagonist how fantasizes about the attractive females around him. This leads to him needing to relieve himself in his fantasy world. Through this, he has created a “Dream Girl” to make his fantasies better, which is basically an imaginary girlfriend. Well, strangely, his fantasy is coming true before his eyes when the girl of his dreams, Shiho, transfers to his school.

Throughout the story, things turn out pretty well for the protagonist who ends up gaining the attention of several girls. The story allows players to choose between these girls and holds true to its comedic theme throughout the story.

JAST USA Classics is a project where the publisher has been releasing classic visual novels for free on browsers (even phone browsers) through a partnership with The Asenheim Project. The publisher also mentions that the games will utilize emulation to be playable in a web browser and because of that “these titles are not exactly like the original experience, but they are very close and are available for everyone to enjoy.”

You can watch the first trailer for the service below:

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