JAST USA Classics launched Letting Fans Play Retro Visual Novels for Free in Browser

JAST USA announced that they will be working with The Asenheim Project to port their classic visual novel titles to be playable on web browsers for free.

Being a long time localization publisher, JAST USA has released its new initiative “JAST USA Classics”. This will be a role of classic titles from the publisher for players to play directly in their web browser for free. Ranging mostly from late ‘90s titles, JAST USA Classics opens the door for modern visual novel fans to easily access classic games that they might have missed out on.

Titles announced for JAST USA Classics:

  • SEASON OF THE SAKURA – Available now
  • TRANSFER STUDENT – Coming soon
  • THREE SISTERS’ STORY – Coming soon
  • RUNAWAY CITY – Available now
  • MAY CLUB – Coming soon
  • NOCTURNAL ILLUSION – Coming soon

The publisher also mentions that the games will utilize emulation to be playable in a web browser and because of that “these titles are not exactly like the original experience, but they are very close and are available for everyone to enjoy.”

Release dates for upcoming titles have not been announced, but this is a really great way to get these classic games in the hands of modern fans. This could also very well be an April’s Fool joke, but after playing Season of the Sakura for 30 minutes, we decided it’s as real as it could ever be for now.

You can watch the trailer below:

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