JAST Retro Sale Now Available Until May 7; Your Chance to Pee-Order the Water Closet Remastered

Through their official Twitter account, JAST has announced a JAST Retro Sale going on until May 7. This is the first of their campaigns of weekend-long discounts that should be available during all May weekends, each of which with a different part of the catalogue in sales.

For Retro Sale, JAST is including some of their older titles, such as:

  • Snow Drop – Developer: Sweet Basil – A romantic eroge about finding love during a winter ski trip;
  • Tokimeki Check-In – Developer: Crowd – As you handle the traditional hot springs inn of your family, some excitement is bound to happen with various beautiful girls all around you;
  • Chain: The Lost Footprints – Developer: ZyX – A hard-boiled mystery where private detective Takeshi Shinonome tries to investigate rumors surrounding the husband of a young lady called Ayumu;
  • Private Nurse – Developer: Angel Smile  – A love triangle about a young boy who’s always been sick enjoying the help of his childhood friend and a private nurse;
  • Target: Pheromone – Developer: Trabulance – After moving to Tokyo, country boy Takuya has to assist a beautiful witch collecting female pheromone so she can use the energy to go back home;
  • Virgin Roster – Developer: ZyX – As a chemistry teacher, Kengo Inui has a devil inside his heart that makes him work out his skills on beautiful women;
  • Pick me Honey! – Developer: Sekilala – As an average Japanese boy, Reiji Oshima has to choose one of the many girls who love him as his wife to take over the family business;
  • Little My Maid – Developer: Sweet Basil – After failing the entrance exams to a top-ranked university, you help a young maid, getting the chance to be serviced by her and her sisters;
  • Pretty Soldier Wars A.D. 2048 – Developer: D.O. – An adult tactical game where a group of super-soldiers try to avoid humanity’s extinction on a post-apocalyptic Earth;
  • Kana Okaeri– Developer: D.O.  – With his sister about to die in six months, Takamichi Toudou develops romantic feelings for her and has to choose how to best spend this time with her;
  • G-Collections “DOR”– Developer: D.O. – Go beyond a door made by the Devil and explore three fantasy worlds and their erotic situations;
  • Critical Point– Developer: Sweet Basil – A science-fiction game where you need to investigate Free Alliance Moon Base D-02 which has been overtaken by an inexplicable sexual insanity;

While not strictly part of the same sale, JAST is still offering Water Closet Remastered at a release discount. This old erotic game is considered very bad but they still optimized it for modern systems with HD graphics. It offers five routes focused on girls with toilet issues.

For those looking for something more modern, NekoNyan sale is still ongoing at JAST Store and Steam. Their selection includes high-quality titles such as Sabbat of the Witch, Aokana, Riddle Joker, Hello Lady, Sugar * Style, Kinkoi, Making * Lovers, and even their recent release The Future Radio and the Artificial Pigeons.

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