JAST Hosting Mother’s Day Sale This Weekend; It’s All About the Mature Ladies

Through their official Twitter account, JAST has announced a new Mother’s Day sale, which will be available until May 14. Last weekend, we had a retro sale and this time it’s all about visual novels with mature ladies. More weekend-long discounts on PC titles in their store will be available during all May weekends, each of which with a different part of the catalogue in sales.

The list of discounted titles includes the following games:

  • Gibo – Stepmother’s Sin – Developer: Guilty – After his father gets remarried to a young woman, Yusuke Yagami decides to get more intimate with her;
  • Secret Wive’s Club – Developer: Sekilala – Tutor Issei learns that the mother of one of his students is a woman he had an affair with and soon gets to enjoy the company of three beautiful married women;
  • The Sagara Family Remastered – Developer: ZyX – As Yusuke starts his university student life, he moves into the house of the Sagaras with a hot mother and her four beautiful daughters;
  • Family Project ~ Kazoku Keikaku – Developer: D.O. – After losing his parents at a young age, Tsukasa decides to share an apartment with a band of misfits and form a family;
  • Kurokami-sama’s Feast – Developer: Minato Carnival World – At the capricious mercy of a spirit called Kurokami-sama, Domaru will have to hunt supernatural beings for her to eat;
  • Amorous Professor Cherry Remastered – Developer: ZyX – After professor Chieri Hase has started working as a teacher, Kouta Koikawa has been unable to concentrate on anything besides her body;
  • World’s Horniest Housewife – Rikky Horne – Developer: Laplacian – A story about a man with an unfortunate name and his wife who’s “a hungry beast;”
  • Overly Qualified Ms. Mary – Developer: Pajama EX – A nukige with a very busty lady called Mary Morgan;
  • KANOSEN – My Girlfriend is a Naughty Teacher – Developer: monoceros+ – A nukige about a voluptuous teacher dealing with the protagonist’s raging libido;
  • Starless: Nymphomaniac’s Paradise – Developer: Empress – A young man called Yukito will have to become the plaything of the women living in a secluded mansion;
  • Sweet Home – My Sexy Roommates – Developer: Code Pink – After an apartment fire, university student Ryuichi goes back home just to find out his sexy stepmother has made it a share house for women;
  • Nympho Sensei Ryoko – Developer: Code Pink – A nukige about a dedicated teacher called Ryoko who happens to be a nymphomaniac;
  • Closed Game – Developer: Empress – As Earth’s natural resources are drying up, you’ll have to survive a killing game with bodacious women to have the chance of a better life.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as JAST announces more discounts in the next weekends.

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