JAST Blue Announces Official Localizations of Masquerade: Hell Academy & Paradise

At their Anime Expo 2023 panel, publisher JAST Blue has announced that they will be localizing the Masquerade: Hell Academy and Paradise BL visual novel games from developer PIL/SLASH. Unfortunately, no release dates for either of the titles have been revealed, but we’ll keep you updated on further information about these titles.

Masquerade: Hell Academy tells the story of Hiroshi Numata, a young man who is part of the astronomy club in his school. Hiroshi is insulted sexually by his classmate Yoritake every day. Hiroshi doesn’t want it anymore but he can’t deny his call. One day, Hiroshi is ordered to sneak into a school building at night and he meets a man disguised as an officer police uniform there. He fires a gun and keeps a teacher, Yoritake and Hiroshi as hostage. As this title was one of PIL/SLASH’s first BL games, JAST BLUE has gone on to announce that they will be working with the developers to redraw some of the “naughty” scenes exclusively for the international release.

Paradise is a BL visual novel developed by PIL/SLASH in collaboration with Kyuuyouzawa Lychee from the LOVE&DESTROY doujin group. The story tells the story of Azuma, whose monotonous life is shaken up when he wins a trip to a southern island resort in a lottery drawing. In high spirits over this uncommonly good luck, he eagerly looks forward to the day of departure, hoping that he’ll find some good girls… only to find nothing but men present at the tour group’s meeting point. Despite the huge disappointment, he becomes friendly the other members of the tour (except one) and is able to enjoy his time on the uninhabited island for what it is.

Thanks, Blerdy Otome, for bringing this news to our attention! You can watch the Japanese opening of both Masquerade: Hell Academy and Paradise below:

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