Jackbox Games Announces New Upcoming Streamer-Friendly Features For Pack 9

Jackbox Games just announced today the brand-new features that will be coming to their latest Party Pack, including a feature that I’m sure many streamers have been yearning for. Now, starting from Pack 9, you can kick players from the lobby OR the game you are playing.

The kicking players feature will act as an extension of mod.jackbox.tv, which is the separate controller website where you configure a trusted member of your community to moderate user-submitted content before it even appears on screen, guaranteeing safety from foul language or players who keep antagonizing others using their prompts. Once a player is kicked, they cannot join that room until the game ends.

jackbox kick feature screenshot

Furthermore, if the game host loses their connection to the server mid-game, it won’t automatically be destroyed anymore. Up until now, losing connection at any point would force the game to the main menu and would result in all progress being lost. Now, the game will essentially “pause” for 5 minutes and give the main host time to reestablish a connection to the servers.

During that five-minute window, game data or players will not be lost, so you can finish your round! And, of course, other prominent features from previous party packs, such as CC subtitles and the moderation options, will all be included.

The Jackbox Party Pack 9 will be releasing this Fall on PC. Pre-orders for Pack 9 are currently available on Jackbox’s official shop or via the Steam store.

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