Jack Jeanne Gets June 2023 Release Date; Aksys Shares Some Tidbits on Sui Ishida’s Project Development

Aksys has revealed the release date for Jack Jeanne. Though we already knew the otome game developed by Broccoli was coming in June, we now have a clear date for the Switch game: June 15, 2023. Along with the date, the western publisher revealed a small tidbit on how Broccoli and Sui Ishida got together for this project.

Jack Jeanne is a collaboration project between Broccoli, who may be better known for their Uta no Prince-sama property, and Sui Ishida, who gained fame due to his Tokyo Ghoul series. Broccoli approached the creator first pitching the concept of a highly competitive musical theater school.

Though the idea may have seemed at odds with the image of someone whose most famous creation was a dark/edgy franchise like Tokyo Ghoul, the concept of musical expression motivated Sui Ishida. He became fascinated with the concept and decided to make Jack Jeanne something that could be an expression of his own authorial sense.

One inspiration Sui Ishida had during the project conception was the modern classical composer Akira Kosemura. More specifically, his Light Dance was one music the creator imagined the protagonist Kisa dancing to. Broccoli managed to get the composer on board for the project, which ended up being a very precious experience for Ishida.

Sui Ishida also decided to express the characters’ feelings through Jack Jeanne‘s songs. Instead of relying on other people, he decided to write the lyrics for the entire game himself. That way he could make sure it was as close to his ideal image of the characters and setting as possible.

We’ll be sure to let you know as Aksys shares more information on Jack Jeanne.

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