Retro Platformer ‘Jack Axe’ Launches Open Beta

Another Indie announced that the Keybol Games developed retro platformer Jack Axe has launched an open beta from now until June 17 on PC-via Steam.

The open beta keys are given upon request at the publisher’s Discord server. Players who join in on the open beta will have a chance to test out the game’s early systems and give their feedback to the team to assist in the game’s developed.

Jack Axe stars Jack, a girl with an Axe who gets to travel around a 2D open-world and navigate her way through platforming challenges, enemies, spikes, girl eating plants, bottomless pits, you get the idea. Drawing inspiration from games like Celeste and Super Meat Boy, Jack Axe allows players to explore a world made up of a fusion of Filipino and Norse mythologies. The story is penned by Bari and Melai Silvestre and their three daughters.

Gameplay in Jack Axe is difficult and requires players to time their jumps and utilize Jack’s abilities to get through some pretty tough situations. The game also supports up to four players playing together at the same time.

Jack Axe is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

You can watch the game’s latest trailer below:

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