J-Novel Club Expands Into Europe With JNC Nina Offering Light Novels in French and German; Hell Mode, Tearmoon Empire, and More Available Now

J-Novel Club announced they have expanded into Europe as JNC Nina. This will be the hub for European light novel fans to read weekly installment of new light novel with French and German translations.

The company confirmed that JNC Nina is a 100% digital publisher and will not be directly offering print releases of their titles. However, they are working with local partners to release a limited selection of their catalog for print.

Further, the following novels are launch with Part 1 of Volume 1 today:

Hell Mode (French and German)

Hell Mode Vol. 1 LN FR

By Hamuo with Illustrations by Mo

In the online game “Yamada Kenichi,” a dedicated player faces the disappointment of its servers shutting down. He seeks a new game but finds them all too easy for his taste. However, he discovers an untitled game promising exceptional challenges and chooses the “Hell Mode” difficulty. This decision leads to his reincarnation in another world as a serf named Allen. Without guides or forums, he embarks on a journey to uncover the secrets of his Summoner class.

The Faraway Paladin (French and German)

The Faraway Paladin Vol. 1 LN FR

By Kanata Yanagino
Illustrations by Kususaga Rin

In a desolate city, a single human child named Will is raised by three undead beings. They teach him their knowledge and shower him with love. But as Will grows, he begins to question his identity and embarks on a quest to unravel the mysteries of his world and the past of the undead. This journey leads him to discover both the virtues of good gods and the vices of the bad.

The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent (French and German)

The Saints Magic Power is Omnipotent Vol. 1 LN FR

By Yuka Tachibana
Illustrations by Yasuyuki Syuri

Sei, an overworked individual, unexpectedly finds herself summoned to a new world. Originally, she was meant to become a Holy Maiden, but another girl is chosen instead. Sei leaves the royal palace and discovers her talent for creating potent potions and cosmetics. As rumors of her having holy magic circulate, Sei must navigate the challenges and mysteries of her new life.

Tearmoon Empire (French and German)

Tearmoon Empire Vol. 1 FR

By Nozomu Mochitsuki
Illustrations by Gilse

Mia, a selfish princess from the fallen Tearmoon Empire, faces execution but wakes up as a twelve-year-old with a chance to rewrite her empire’s history. Alongside her loyal maid Anne and brilliant minister Ludwig, she works to restore the empire, motivated more by a fear of guillotines than a change of heart.

Brunhild (German)

Brunhild German

By Yuiko Agarizaki
Illustrations by Aoaso

In the world of Eden, scattered islands are believed to be a treasure trove guarded by dragons. A young girl is stranded on Silver Island and raised by a dragon after surviving a dangerous encounter. When a dragon slayer, Siegbert Siegfried, attacks, the girl’s true identity is revealed. She must navigate her new life as part of the Siegfried family, torn between a desire for revenge and the teachings of the dragon.

Classroom of the Elite (French)

Classroom Of the Elite Vol. 1 LN FR

By Syougo Kinugasa
Illustrations by Tomo Seshunsaku

Tokyo’s elite high school appears perfect, offering almost total freedom and exceptional success rates. However, Kiyotaka Ayanakôji finds himself in Class D, the class of rejects. Teaming up with Suzune Horikita, who aims to reach Class A, Ayanokoji must challenge the school’s system and intense competition.

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