Visual Novel ‘IxSHE Tell’ Lifts the Ban on Love Later This Month on PC in the West

NekoNyan announced that the Hooksoft-developed visual novel IxSHE Tell will launch on PC-via Steam in the west on August 28.

IxSHE tells the story of a school that has put a ban on romantic relationships for over a century. Players assume the role of Hajime, the Student Council President of Kenseikan Academy, who has just lifted the rule so his peers can now date. However, this seems to have backfired as he is now the target of a handful of his classmates. Throughout the story, players will get closer to the girls, and they’ll be able to confess his true feelings to one of them.

Each of the routes features a different girl who requires something from the main protagonist, Hajime. This means that each character has a unique personality, so you can expect to find your typical childhood friend, tsundere, and younger sister types, amongst others. The most significant feature of the game is how players find themselves taking the role of the school hero who becomes sought after by the most attractive classmates.

We’ll keep you updated on the western release of other visual novels coming west.

For now, check out some of the English screenshots for the IxSHE Tell below:

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