Bullet-Hell Adventure ‘Itta’ Announced for Switch in New Trailer

Glass Revolver announced that their bullet-hell action-adventure, Itta, will launch on Nintendo Switch in 2020, alongside the PC-via Steam release.

Itta has players assume the role of a young girl named Itta who wakes up to find herself surrounded by her dead family. A spirit then appears to guide her to answers for her many questions. Itta’s adventure will find her going up against many powerful enemies across 18 boss bottles. She will also have an arsenal of weaponry that she can use as she changes her combat style to fit any situation.

Gameplay has players shooting enemies down through bullet-hell-like encounters. Players will have access to a variety of weapons provided by the spirit to approach fights in different ways. Throughout the game, Itta will uncover the mysteries of the world as she forces herself to keep going, even though all hope may be lost.

The game also has accessibility options to allow players to easily toggle damage multipliers along with an invisibility mode if they wish to just experience the narrative.

To celebrate the announcement, the developer has released a new trailer showing the game running on Switch hard. Additionally, players get the chance to preview the characters and environments in the game.

You can watch the trailer below:

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