Action Platformer ‘ITORAH’ Gets 2022 Release Window and Gameplay Overview in New Trailer

Developer Grimbart Tales announced that their action-platformer ITORAH will launch on PC-via Steam in spring 2022.

ITORAH is an upcoming action-platformer inspired by Mesoamerican culture. The game features a story of a plague that threatens the once-thriving Nahucan. Itorah may very well be the last human on Earth, but that doesn’t stop her from fighting back.

The trailer highlights unique gameplay mechanics narrated by the developer.

“I can promise you; behind the many layers of color leads a deep, emotional, and gloomy story that will appeal to all ages and leave you curious for more,” said Artur Bäcker, Grimbart Tales Lead Artist, Creative Director, and Co-Founder. “Our goal is to create similar experiences for future generations and to allow space for older generations to revel in nostalgia.”

ITORAH balances challenge for all players and features platforming combat, puzzles, and storytelling. The game is presented in hand-painted assets and animations and features a blend of 8- and 16-bit designs. There are a variety of environments to explore and enemies to fight throughout the journey, which uncovers an emotional story.

We’ll keep you updated on the development of ITORAH. Further, there are no other platforms announced at this time.

You can watch the developer overview trailer below:

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