Ishura Vol. 1 To Receive Audio Book Releasing Later This Month; Features Voice Actors From the Anime

Yen Audio announced they will publish Ishura Vol. 1 from author Kureta, made available on October 10, 2023. The release is available wherever audiobooks are sold, including Audible.

Further, the publisher has confirmed Chris Guerro and Emily Bauer from the English dub of the anime will reprise their roles for this release.

The series began publication on September 17, 2019, by ASCII Media Works under their Dengeki no Shin Bungei publishing imprint. Ishura has been licensed for its first-ever English release by Yen Press.

Ishura Vol. 1 takes place in a world where the Demon King has met his demise. A group of demigods with the power to vanquish even such a formidable foe have now risen to prominence. Among them are a master fencer whose ability to assess opponents at a glance is unmatched, a lightning-fast lancer capable of breaking the sound barrier, a wyvern rogue wielding three legendary weapons simultaneously, an all-powerful wizard with the ability to manifest thoughts into reality, and an angelic assassin whose strikes result in instant death.

Motivated by the desire to claim the coveted title of “True Hero,” these champions actively seek out challenges against formidable adversaries, often igniting conflicts among themselves. This fierce competition among these extraordinary beings marks the beginning of a battle to determine who among them is the mightiest of the mighty.\

We’ll keep you updated on future releases from this publisher.

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