The ‘Palworld! More Than Just Pals’ Dating Sim Trailer is Pure Nightmare Fuel; Why Have I Watched it Four Times?

The ‘Palworld! More Than Just Pals’ Dating Sim Trailer is Pure Nightmare Fuel; Why Have I Watched it Four Times?

Pocketpair launched a new trailer for Palworld in observance of April Fools’ Day. The developer announced Palworld! More Than Just Pals, a dating sim game for Palworld players to date and interact with Palworld creatures, with added adult content. While we’re aware this is a joke, the team still made the assets, which may be pure nightmare fuel.

“Palworld was originally developed as a dating sim, but in a moment of indecision, it took the form of a survival crafting game. By the way, I am currently in a relationship with Cattiva,” said Takuro Mizobe, CEO of Pocketpair, Inc.

Further, here are the gameplay systems with an added does of caution that the developers said there will be an r18 version available.

  • Hell Situation System – This system is triggered when approached by multiple Pals at the same time! The rejected Pals run amok and cause destruction. How will you overcome this crisis?
  • Battle Royal System – Massive battles of love between couples and potential lovers! Who will be the last couple?
  • Time Leap System—It’s okay if you fall in love with different Pals. This innovative system allows you to rewind time and try again if things don’t work out! Aim for the ideal happy ending!
  • VR system – The latest VR technology makes it possible to communicate with Pals in a more realistic way!
    The ultimate immersive experience where you can even feel the breath of pals!

Character Introduction


Palworld More Than Just Pals 1

A transfer student with mysterious powers.
She also has a cute side that gets a little jealous when you talk to other students.


Palworld More Than Just Pals 2

A senior who makes a love approach to new students every year.
She calls her love approach “hunting”.


Palworld More Than Just Pals 4

A timid classmate.
He makes secret requests of you in the classroom after school.


Palworld More Than Just Pals 3

A childhood friend. She lost her parents when she was very young and lives alone with her older brother, Grizzbolt.
She is always cool and strong-willed, and for some reason, she is especially critical of you.

Black Maketeer

Palworld More Than Just Pals 5

He is the student council president who has great trust from teachers and students. On the other hand, there are also black rumors.

However, there is an actual event available to players. In the update players can encounter the First Raid Boss in Palworld, inviting players to engage in an intense showdown against a formidable new foe. In addition to the thrilling new challenge, the update will address existing bugs and enhance anti-cheat mechanisms, ensuring a more secure and pleasurable gaming experience for all participants. The update is nearing completion and is expected to roll out shortly pending final verifications.

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